The way of local affairs is changing.

Local Interest Consulting helps citizens, businesses, non-governmental organizations, local governments, elected and public officials and political candidates realize policy and project-based solutions to community and economic development opportunities.

By connecting public and private actors around common causes, facilitating win-win deals, building power bases, speeding up processes and vaulting over barriers to progress, Local Interest Consulting is a catalyst for breakthrough improvement in the economic, political and social conditions, quality of place and quality of life of local communities.

Local Interest Consulting offers guidance, planning, advocacy and management services to local interests keeping pace with the times.



Local Government Solutions

Local Interest Consulting helps communities keep pace with the times by researching and developing municipal ordinances and administrative rules to create new regulatory frameworks for changing paradigms of city life, business and recreation.  Local Interest Consulting generates support for action plans and mobilizes political will to effect policy change.

Local Policy Solutions

Local Interest Consulting helps clients connect with and inspire their constituents by designing campaign and governance strategic platforms that focus on the issues that matter to people in their places, and policies and projects that reflect their aspirations.  Local Interest Consulting develops communications plans to advance ideas on community agendas.

Local Partnerships

Local Interest Consulting helps clients launch new projects and initiatives by building diverse teams of public and private sector participants to achieve collective business, service and government objectives, from the neighborhood to regional level.  Local Interest Consulting brings communities together to maximize resources, increase efficiency and innovate.